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9600 Highway 9
Ben Lomond CA 95005
Tel: 831- 336 -5188
Tuesday-Thursday 5pm-9pm
Friday & Saturday 4pm-10pm
Sunday noon-9pm

Some of our reviews:
Karen Petersen Good Times Dining Reviews, Good Times Weekly/GTWeekly.com ~
An extensive repertoire of German favorites brings us back to Tyrolean Inn
When my daughter returns to Santa Cruz from her new home in Los Angeles, she comments on how quiet it is here. It was even more so during a trip to Ben Lomond, when we set out for a sample of her second favorite macaroni and cheese. Sitting at the front of the Tyrolean Inn restaurant, the green tarp with plastic windows kept out the chill as well as the noise of an occasional passing car. A new draft beer celebrating the German spring, Maibok ($6) was refreshing, served in a hefty glass stein, but specialty cocktails are unique as well.

On Fridays Tyrolean offers game specials. This week features braised rabbit ($26.95) in a stock with cream, herbs and onion sauce, as well as trout ($19.95) served with a lemon-tarragon white wine sauce. We were in the mood for a wide variety of Bavarian delicacies, and between the appetizers and combination plates, we were very satiated..." to read Karen's entire review click here...

Michael Bauer, SFGate ~
Dining at the Tyrolean Inn launches you into a 50-year time warp. The place, in faded red paint, feels like a slightly run-down Bavarian home surrounded by redwoods. The exterior features a beer garden on two sides; and the interior looks as if it could be a movie set, with cuckoo clocks on the walls and beer steins dangling from the rafters
The waitress, who has no doubt been there for decades, wears a dirndl and maintains a sunny disposition. She visits with the men at the bar, takes orders in the dining room and still finds times to check in and see how things are progressing.

By today's standards, most appetizers and main courses would serve two to four people, but much of the clientele are probably able to polish off the portions in one sitting. To start, there is a mound of herring in sour cream ($7); a sausage sampler ($8) with sauteed onions, tomatoes and bell peppers; and boiled bockwurst with mustard and a soft pretzel ($6).

The food under Magnusson has purity and integrity. The smoked trout appetizer ($12) consists of a fillet that covers half a dinner plate, with an ice cream scoop of horseradish cream, wedges of lemon and a stack of toasted farmers' bread. A few minutes after we started, the waiter came over to see if we needed more bread.

It was so good, we polished it off, not suspecting just how gigantic the next course would be. The Tyrolean Schmeckerplatte, one of the most expensive main courses at $21, is like a German buffet on a plate. It consists of a thick slice of smoked pork loin propped on bockwurst, sauerkraut, sauerbraten raised up on red cabbage, breaded pork cutlets Cordon Bleu, with smoked ham and Swiss cheese, and a pile of very good spaetzle.

The Wiener schnitzel brought two thin breaded pork cutlets that hung over the rim of the plate and covered the fried potatoes, with wedges of lemon peeking out from one side. It's the type of food that is so good, you just keep eating. It's $18, but we went on a night when it was a $12 special.

Just about every night, there's a deal to be had, including wild game night on Fridays. This year, the restaurant will celebrate Oktoberfest from Sept. 27 to 29.

Other specialties on the regular menu include Hungarian beef goulash ($17); schwabenteller ($21), Swabian-style beef and pork in mushroom gravy; schweinshaxe (market price: $20-$25), knuckle of pork with bread dumplings and red cabbage; and, for "lighter" appetites, trout sauteed with lemon brown butter ($19).

The wine list looks as if it was developed in 1970, but there are eight German brews on tap and even more bottles.
See Michael's entire review along with some great pictures here...

Selene Latigo, Metro Santa Cruz ~
"Andrew's dish was the winner of the table. A thin slice of farmer's bread bore the weight of creamed spinach, slabs of juicy tomato, two poached eggs and ribbons of crisp bacon, all drenched in paprika-dusted hollandaise. The skillfully combined layers of color, flavor and texture won him over completely. Satiated and relaxed, we lingered for a bit before heading out the door into the sun-speckled woods. I treasure the Tyrolean Inn's magic and all that it offers: great German food, entertaining ambience and an altogether not-to-be missed dining experience."

Ann Parker, Santa Cruz Sentinel ~
"What we found, however, was one of the most welcoming, entertaining restaurants I’ve visited in a long time. The decor is a charming, upbeat mix of authentic Tyrolean (German/ Austrian/Northern Italian) and kitsch: multiple cuckoo clocks and Alpine carvings, a massive beaten-copper fireplace hood, a chorus line of beersteins hanging jauntily on a central beam, our waiter’s Edelweiss-embroidered suspenders. My meal dispelled any concerns about stolid German food. This dish featured two tender pork cutlets, pounded to the thickness of a folded handkerchief, succulent and juicy under a blanket of creamy sauce enhanced with herbs and chunks of earthy mushrooms. Our Bayerische Creme ... was purely dreamy: Flavored with cherry Kirschwasser, this snow-white, firm mousse bordered a pool of Marionberry coulis dotted with whole berries and poufs of whipped cream. An engaging delicacy, mild and only slightly sweet, it made a perfect ending to our meal."

Jessica G ~
"Bavarian restaurant way out in the forests of ben lomond. the winding, scenic highway 9 drive is half the fun. the other half is comprised of canned oompa music, old country knicknacks, waitresses in full-on dirndls, and hearty, hearty heapings of food. wienerschnitzel, beyrischer toast, and spaetzle, spaetzle, spaetzle!"

Isra ~

"I've eaten there twice and each time it's been incredible. If you want rich food that's sublime, this is your best bet. The service was a little slow, but by the time I had my first bite I forgot all about it. Some dish with pork and peaches, then the 2nd time I had the goulash. The desserts are marvelous"

Justin ~

***** Delicious!! try the Peppersteak!

"Awesome food and service! One of the few shining lights in Ben Lomond!"

Christina Waters, Good Times Magazine ~

"Tyrolean Inn knows how to provide a big, chalet-style welcome to its guests... Did I mention that we all loved absolutely everything on the table? Including the unusual spiced veal that tasted a bit like fresh ham. Tyrolean Inn is as comforting as a chalet in a snowstorm and deserves its local landmark status"

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